2018-19 Elementary Faculty & Staff

Farewell 2018 and Welcome 2019!

The New Year brings to mind new beginnings, a promise of a new start, a chance to improve upon “you”, if you will. Many people make New Year’s Resolutions about health, wealth, and happiness. As you begin the New Year, you might have a conversation with your students about setting goals for this new semester. It might be to raise their grades, or to just “do better”. However, you might want to help them set their goals and to set specific steps in how to reach those goals. Students do very well when praised for their efforts. “A word of praise is a ‘verbal trophy’ for a child” ~author unknown. Students, just like adults, need their efforts to be recognized.

Students at Clopton Elementary have set goals within their classrooms. These goals vary from reading levels, spelling tests, math tests, and behavior goals. Students write out how they will achieve their goals and then after a period of time, they will review and reflect on their goals.

As we begin 2nd semester, we will review district assessments in Fountas & Pinnell Learning Literacy Instruction (LLI) in reading comprehension and fluency as well as Aimsweb. Aimsweb assessments consist of reading and math checks. These assessments allow teachers to progress/monitor students’ ability levels. Students will base their goals upon this assessment as well as classroom assessments. Ask your students what goals they have set for this new quarter/semester. Discuss their progress or how they may want to review and revise their goals and possibly celebrate as a family their success in meeting their goals!

At Clopton, we have once again set a goal for attendance to add to our reading goal. Students and staff celebrate each month when their grade level hits 95 percent attendance or above. Attendance should be a high priority for students and absences should be kept to a minimum. Parents are encouraged to leave a message with the office before 8 a.m. if your child is going to be absent or late.

Speaking of celebrations, Title I offered a reading incentive over Christmas Break. If students met their goals with the incentive, they will be celebrating the week after we return from break with punch, popcorn, and playing with Ipads while wearing their pj’s! The Title I Team offers incentives over any lengthy break, so keep an eye out for the next incentive over Spring Break and/or Easter Break!

As always, if you have questions or a concern, please do not hesitate to contact the Elementary Office. We are always glad to be of service!

Mrs. Linda Henderson