P.A.T. (Parents As Teachers) is a voluntary, state funded program that helps parents become their child’s first and best teacher. Through personal visits, group meetings, and screenings, parents are provided with a multitude of developmental information for their infant or preschooler. If delays are identified in a child or the family needs extra aid, the P.A.T. program also serves as a resource network for the family.

The personal visit is the core of the Parents As Teachers program. During a personal visit, the parent educator goes to the home and provides developmental information, has discussion with the parents, provides an age-appropriate parent/child activity, and provides information on parenting issues.

Group meetings are another asset of the P.A.T. program. Usually group meetings are held at the school. Parents or parents and child gather together for a presentation, a discussion, or an activity. All P.A.T. families are encouraged to attend group meetings. An annual favorite is our trip to The Pumpkin Patch. We will also have a breakfast with Santa and a family appreciation picnic.

P.A.T. also offers developmental, health, hearing, and vision screenings. Generally, once per year from age six months to Kindergarten entry, your child is screened free of charge. The screening is held at home until age three. Then screenings are administered at Clopton Schools, usually in the spring.

Stephanie Grimes, elementary principal, is the supervisor. Julie Phillips is the Parent Educator.

If you live in the Clopton area and would like more information about Parents as Teachers, contact the P.A.T. program at 242-3546 or 485-2488. Become a partner with the school district in making your child the best he/she can be.